Surveillance and Monitoring

We understand the challenges faced by those tasked with surveillance and protection. Whether conducting perimeter patrol of private property and protected lands or tracking wildlife and poaching activity, all too often there is simply too much to monitor and insufficient resources to do it properly with conventional methods. Rugged terrain, inclement weather, and the threat of violence can make it even more challenging. That is where we come in. With experience ranging from the detection of illegal logging and mining in large conserved areas in Peru to patrolling the coastal waters of Belize in search of illegal fishing activity, we have the expertise to provide you with a system to meet any monitoring need.

We have small quadcopters for seeing what is around the river’s bend or over the hill, long-endurance fixed-wing aircraft for patrolling hundreds of square kilometers per day, and everything in between. And whether you simply want to use video to detect activity or need advanced computer-vision change detection systems, we can help. So, whether you need to patrol a few kilometers or a few thousand kilometers, we have a system to get the job done at a price you can afford.

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