Remote Sensing

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and our systems are no exception. Born from academic research into the application of unmanned aircraft in forest ecology, our aircraft are perfectly suited for a wide variety of research uses. We have spent years developing aircraft to meet the imagery needs of researchers working in all types of environments on 3 continents. Ranging from small, portable “personal remote sensing systems” all the way up to long-endurance aircraft for monitoring and mapping thousands of square kilometers, we have a system to collect imagery where and when you need it.

Our aircraft provide researchers with a new type of data which bridges the scale gap between in situ observations and traditional remote sensing data. Our systems are able to collect imagery with as much spatial resolution as you need and, better yet, they are unencumbered by cloud cover and atmospheric effects. With that sort of capability at your fingertips you are able to address an entirely new range of research questions: What are the spatiotemporal characteristics of insect outbreaks? How does fruiting and flowering phenology vary across an environmental gradient? How do variations in microtopography affect crop health?

So, how can a Linn Aerospace aircraft help you take your research to the next level? Contact us to find out more.