While unmanned aircraft are incredibly powerful and versatile tools, the learning curve when starting can be quite steep. The worst part is that lessons are often learned the hard and, more importantly, costly way. Investment up front in high-quality training will almost always save money in the long-term; a single crash could easily cost more than a week of training. This is why we encourage all of our customers to take part in in-person training.

Our instructors have a combined 25 years of experience in the operation of unmanned aircraft and an get you flying like a pro in no time. Whether you want to travel to beautiful central NC and train at our facility or if you want us to come to your site and get your whole team up to speed, we’re happy to do it. And, we offer discounts on our training when you buy an aircraft from us.

In addition to flight training, we also offer training in aircraft maintenance and repair as well as image processing. No matter what your skill level, we can help you get the most out of your aircraft.

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Our expert instructors can get your wheels up in no time