The easiest and most cost effective way to collect imagery and 3D data from above, an RGB camera is a must-have for any agricultural, conservation, or industrial application. A downward-looking still camera provides imagery of the ground at a much finer resolution than commercially available imagery products and images can be stitched together to provide seamless ortho-imagery and 3D terrain data.

The Canon S110 is a simple and lightweight camera which, paired with our proprietary triggering system, provides quality imagery which is ready to be stitched into seamless imagery using commercial image processing solutions.

For those who want smaller ground sample distance and/or better low-light performance, the Sony NEX series delivers. With a variety of lens options and spatial resolutions available, the NEX series provides unparalleled imagery.

Need even higher capabilities than our standard offerings? Let us design a custom RGB imaging system to meet your needs.

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  • Canon S110

    A capable but lightweight RGB camera

  • Sony NEX-5T

    The choice for the absolute best RGB image quality